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I have known Chuck inside and outside the courtroom for 40 years and know that he has what it
takes to be a top notch District Attorney. Lord knows we need someone like him right now.

— HONORABLE RONALD D. CASTILLE Chief Justice of Pa. Supreme Court (Retired) and former District Attorney of Philadelphia

Chuck, you have my permission to use my name, any way you wish, to help your candidacy for
Philadelphia District Attorney. I read your position papers and they made me smile. I'm very
concerned about what is happening to our great City. Knowing you as long as I have, I know
you’ll do us proud.

— RICHARD A. SPRAGUE, ESQUIRE (World renowned prosecutor and attorney)

I have known young Chuck since I was an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County,
Pennsylvania. I hate picking up the Philadelphia Inquirer anymore because it’s full of shootings
and killings. We need someone like Chuck to take over as Philadelphia District Attorney, sooner
rather than later. He has the ability, energy, and the ideas.

— HONORABLE SANDRA SHULTZ NEWMAN Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (Retired)

I first met Chuck Peruto during a hard fought jury trial, where I was against him. In speaking
with him over the years since then, my anger has turned to total friendship, and would love it if
he was our District Attorney. Philadelphia is crumbling before our eyes, and we need his
leadership and ideas.


Like most cops, you have a tendency to dislike Defense Attorneys until you get to know
them. Chuck is not only an excellent Defense Attorney, but he thinks the way we do. I have no
doubt that he will make a fantastic District Attorney in Philadelphia and have no concern
whatsoever about his switching from defense to prosecution (unlike some others where I would
have a great concern.)

— WILLIAM BLACKBURN Police Inspector (Retired)

I have known Chuck for over 40 years and have observed him many times trying juries and
other matters. Having been an Assistant District Attorney myself, I wholeheartedly endorse
Chuck for District Attorney because he is the right man for right now.

— HONORABLE WILLIAM MAZZOLA Common Pleas Court Judge (Retired)

I was an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia for many years, having just retired. I
endorse Chuck for District Attorney, having tried many cases against him, and getting to know
him on a personal basis as well. I have no doubt that he can take either side of any case, and if
he takes the side of the prosecution, the defense better look out! I hope he saves our City,
because what I read is disgusting.


I was an Assistant District Attorney and Assistant United States Attorney my entire
career. Chuck Peruto is a class act and ferocious lawyer. I have no doubt that if he were on the
side of the Commonwealth, we would be well served. He is a man of integrity, who could make
this switch easily.


There’s two things scare me right now. The first is the gun violence that we see on our streets
every single day. The second is that another defense attorney wants to run for District Attorney.
In the case of Chuck Peruto, I don’t have that second fear because I know him as a man, and I
am certain that if he were our District Attorney, he would fight for us like he does for the
defense. His knowledge, energy, and ideas are what we need for right now.

— MUHAMMAD ABDUR RAHIM Philadelphia Police (Retired)

I was in the Catholic seminary studying to be a priest with Chuck too many years ago to
mention. I have come to realize that everything he does, comes with maximum effort. If elected
to District Attorney in Philadelphia, I have no doubt that Philadelphia will be safer overnight.

— Domenic Specca

I was a police officer for 30 years and came to know Chuck while on opposite sides of a case. I
am still trying to figure out how he won, but I can tell you if he were on our side, criminals
should move to a different City! Knowing him the way I do, he would be an asset to


As an automobile dealer just over the bridge in Palmyra, I used to enjoy driving into Center
City for dinner. With everything I've read over the last few years, I have to say that I've been
concerned about my safety and that of my family. Knowing Chuck as well as I do, I would feel
safer already if he were elected, knowing the enthusiasm with which he tackles everything he


As a builder in the Fishtown area, selling homes would be a lot easier if the City were
safer. Knowing Chuck like I do, I know people would feel safer the moment he gets elected
District Attorney in Philadelphia. I know he will tackle this like a madman like he does
everything else.


As a retired Philadelphia narcotics police officer, I had many battles with Chuck Peruto, and
came to know him very well. Getting to know Chuck out of court, has been nothing less than a
real pleasure, and I have learned his attitude towards crime, long before he decided to run for
District Attorney. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy, knowing his values, ability, and
energy at a time when our City is completely lacking in leadership.

— GARY GUARALDO Philadelphia Police Crime Scene Unit (Retired)

I have known Chuck for 40 years going against him many times in Court. I don’t care to bring
up the outcome of those cases because it still hurts. However, knowing him as well as I do, I
would welcome Chuck to the prosecution side, as I know he can make the switch, and believe he
would be an asset. I am on the Chuck Peruto for DA bandwagon!

— MICHAEL MCGINLEY Philadelphia Police Detective (Retired)

In battling it out with Chuck Peruto during my years in Homicide, I got to know the man as well
as the lawyer. I am 100% convinced that he can make the switch from defense to prosecutor and
the City would be well served to have him. The way he tackles anything is with monstrous effort,
and I would welcome him on our side in a second.

— CHUCK BOYLE Philadelphia Homicide Detective (Retired)

I fully support Chuck’s race for DA. — Matt Wolfe

As a retired police officer and former Marine, I got to know many attorneys. I crossed paths with Chuck Peruto on a few occasions. Mr. Peruto is a man who cares for Philadelphia, and it’s abandoned residents. Peruto is not only brilliant but is of high integrity and and ethical standards. Philadelphia current District Attorney Larry Krasner not only lacks integrity, but works for the criminal element and discounts the victims, just look at Philadelphia’s violent crime rate. A vote for Peruto will be a vote for law and order and take control back from the criminals and restore sanity back to the community. — Robert Boyden, Ph.D.

Knowing Chuck for over 40 years, I know the type of person and lawyer he is.  Larry Krasner has given defense attorneys a bad name when it comes to switching to the prosecution side.  He is the exception, not the rule.  Chuck Peruto would make an outstanding District Attorney.  I say that based on his work ethic and personal ideals when it comes to criminals.  In reading his position papers, I agree with him 100%.

— MIKE CHITWOOD Superintendent of Police, Upper Darby (Retired); Homicide Detective, Philadelphia (Retired); Chief of Police, Portland, Maine (Retired)

I have known Chuck personally for 30 years, and of him for 40.  When I was with the Bureau, and Chuck was against us, we knew we were in for a battle.  However, that battle was always ethical and real.  In speaking with him over the years, I got to know him extremely well, and I have no doubt that he will represent the citizens of Philadelphia as its District Attorney, with passion, expertise, and energy.

— DAVE GENTILE, Former Special Agent, FBI for 30 + years (Retired)

I have never had a case against Chuck Peruto, but certainly knew of his reputation.  It is rare that everyone has the same opinion of someone, but that is the case with Chuck.  Everyone I worked with respected him for being honest, skillful, and tenacious.

My wife, who knew him from dating her girlfriend some 30 years ago, holds the same opinion. 

Hanging out with Chuck, and speaking with him, I have no doubt in my mind that he can turn the corner and make an excellent District Attorney.  He thinks and acts the way we do and hearing about his ideas and reading his opinion papers has fortified that opinion.

— VITO GUARINO, DEA Agent (Retired)

I fully support Chuck Peruto, Jr. for DA. I have known Chuck as an adversary when I was an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia. I have worked along side of Chuck when I was a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia. He is relentless in his approach to any legal matter. He understands the big picture of criminal justice. He loves the City of Philadelphia and wants to make it safer. Chuck will undoubtedly ensure that those who use or carry guns illegally are punished harshly within the powers of the DA's office and what the law permits thereby making Philadelphia safer, while also providing the appropriate diversionary programs and reforms needed to allow non-violent offenders to move forward quickly as productive members of society. Chuck will work tirelessly to make the city safer. — Robert Lynch

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